The Ultimate Tournament was an event that took place in 305 to decide the fate of the two continents, Eden and Alpharis. Sixteen of the most powerful mages fought in a bracket to determine the winner, who would decide the fate of the world.

Participants Edit

From Eden Specialization From Alpharis Specialization
Eliana of Welde Water King Gale Earth
Prince Dionysus Earth Princess Elia Air
Finnley Air Prince David Water
Davin Arcane Master Loque Arcane
Michail Fire Duke Lonzo Fire
King Erwin IV Earth Erika Fire
Master Kaysing Arcane Sir Griffin Air
Delia Greenwood Air Master Quo Earth

First Round Edit

King Gale of Alpharis was hoping to hold back in the first round to keep the extent of his powers as a surprise, but Eliana put up so much resistance that he was forced to show his secret mana crystals before defeating her.

Dionysus was soon frustrated by Princess Elia's evasion strategies and cowardly attacks from a distance, and he made a near-fatal mistake of rushing in heedlessly. Only Davin's sound advice allowed him to pursue an appropriate tactical style and match Elia before defeating her in a war of attrition.

The weakest of the respective kingdoms were a good match, but David's superior mana reserves made the difference in the end. He befriended Finnley after the fight and admired his courage and resolve.

Master Loque soon revealed himself to be a trickster. With borderline illegal moves, he secured an advantage earlier on in the match, and Davin had to counter surprising move after surprising move until a risky gamble from the Master left him exposed for a lethal move. Davin was forced to kill the Master to save his own life, leaving him guilty.

Duke Lonzo showed off his unmatched natural reserves quickly, putting Michail on the backfoot. In the end, the Duke's hubris opened a weakness that Michail exploited for a win.

King Erwin IV quickly and decisively dispatched Erika, a promising student of Master Quo. She vowed her Master would avenge her.

Sir Griffin showed brilliance in tactics and defeated Master Kaysing with inventive moves.

Master Quo did not hold back against Delia Greenwood, and went in for the kill as quickly as possible as a revenge for Master Loque.

Second Round Edit

From Eden Specialization From Alpharis Specialization
Prince Dionysus Earth King Gale Earth
Davin Arcane David Water
Michail Fire Sir Griffin Air
King Erwin IV Earth Master Quo Earth

The longest fight of the tournament so far pitted Dionysus against King Gale. Unleashing massive amounts of energy with all of their crystals, Dionysus was able to prevail by overcoming his own hubris and being patient.

Davin was able to outmaneuver David and secure an easy win.

Michail held the upper hand due to his superior talents and power, beating Sir Griffin up badly. However, the Knight's resolve threw Michail off balance, leading him to go on a reckless attack. Sir Griffin used the small window to counter-attack and win the fight.

Master Quo continued to show his lethal intent, but King Erwin matched his every move. After stalling for several minutes to reveal Quo's true power, King Erwin thought he had found his opponent's weakness. However, Master Quo had tricked him into thinking so, and released an unexpectedly powerful attack to crush and kill King Erwin.

Third Round Edit

From Eden Specialization From Alpharis Specialization
Prince Dionysus Earth Master Quo Earth
Davin Arcane Sir Griffin Air

On the advice of his friends, Dionysus held back and tried to study Master Quo's weaknesses. But whenever he tried to exploit one, Quo predicted it and corrected his attack style. Not even Dionysus' vast reserves could compete with the lethal attacks, and he conceded the fight shortly before he could be killed.

Davin and Sir Griffin bonded over their admiration for Finnley and their shared intent for the tournament victory. They both wanted to save the two continents and find another way. Sir Griffin has slightly more reserves, and Davin is all but defeated when he risks his life on a huge gamble- using rifts. It pays off, and he wins, stunning the crowd.

Final Round Edit

Before the fight, Davin devises a plan to defeat Quo's incredible powers. He sees no weaknesses, and hopes to find an opening out of pure luck with his plan. He spreads his friends in a formation around the battlefield and opens rifts close to their points due to the high mana concentration. Quo is unphased, and continues with his attacks, shaping the battlefield wildly. Feinting an attack, Davin realizes Quo's true trick: He does not have crushing attacks, but his small attacks are disguised with arcane magic to look bigger. Davin realizes that he has been cheating with Master Loque the entire tournament, but has no proof. Desperate and low on mana, he decides to stand on the outside of a big attack and survives it unharmed. Thrown off guard, Quo switches styles, but his lack of practice and improvisation skills are not enough to survive Davin's quick wits, who defeats him.